Monday, July 12, 2010

Ministry of Finance denied the procurement of the Green Dam said the Ministry of Industry is the onl

June 24, prominent lawyers Liu originally published in his blog software, the Ministry of Finance on the question of response to the Green Dam.

Ministry of Finance in response to the original Liu said, "Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is a" Green Dam - Youth Escort "filtering software is the only purchaser, our department is not involved in the project specific procurement activities, you apply for access to government information not within the scope of authority of the master, according to "The People's Republic of China on Open Government Information" provisions of Article 1, to be informed.


It is noteworthy that after the letter in the working men made a "pre-installed on the computer, notice the green Internet filtering software," the notice said that the Ministry of Industry and Information said in the notice: In order to build green, healthy and harmonious online environment, to avoid the Internet the impact of adverse information on young people and poison, the Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Central Civilization Office, the Ministry of Finance in accordance with the "Government Procurement Act" requirements, use of the central finance the buyout, "Green Dam - Youth Escort" Internet filtering software products for a green years of tenure and related services for the whole community free of charge.

This degree of response to the Ministry of Finance show that the software is not purchasing the Green Dam three ministries, but of the Ministry of Industry and exclusive purchase.

It is learned that after the Green Dam had a number of media software transparency in government procurement open to question.

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