Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Using Visual Basic's Timer control

Visual Basic provides a Timer control, which is essentially a set interval of time triggered procedures so that we can hide in the system to a time interval trigger procedures. The flexibility to use it can get very subtle effects.

Below, we give an example.

We can design the interface design of such an effect: a line of text in the form of gradually rolling from left to right, from the right "roll out" the form of text, then left to emerge. So the cycle continues. Information similar to the rolling television. This will allow you to design the software looked very lively and can easily cause the user's interest. In fact, the use of Visual Basic's Timer control can easily achieve it.

First, we set in the form of two Label controls Label1, Label2. Left control, in addition to the two properties, other properties set to the same. This is mainly to achieve the effect of rolling cycle. Their Caption property to display the text to scroll. Also re-adjust its font, size and color. In the Form-Load process set Label2. Left =- 6240 (Form width), Label1. Left = 0. This will ensure that La 顎?bel1 part of the "rolling" out of form, then part of the entry form Label2. Rolling circle formed in the form set? / FONT> Timer control. Timer control's Interval property determines the speed of rolling, in milliseconds.

For example, we set to 300, then roll once every 0.3 seconds.

Then, in the Timer1-Timer () process by adding the following procedures:

Private Sub Timer1-Timer ()
Label1. Left = Label1. Left +50
Label2. Left = Label2. Left +50
If Label1. Left> = 6240 Then
Label1. Left =- 6240
End If
If Label2. Left> = 6240 Then
Label2. Left = 6240
End If
End Sub

Rolling effect on the form, the interested reader can try. As long as the flexible use Timer control, we can design a more interesting effect. Timer control with control buttons, such as control of the Visible property to form a flashing button. Timer control with the control to display different images to form a simple animation.


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Friday, October 8, 2010

Listed company s three key financial indicators

Publicly listed companies to disclose the financial indicators are many, many investors through the information correctly in the financial present and future, without any tools other than the proper use of financial ratios is more important. Although many people think that China's current stock market was still "news market", many people's investment philosophy is still to capture information, especially the policy side of the news, largely exclude technical analysis and financial analysis, even claimed that the fundamental do not look at financial statements. There is no doubt a good grasp of a general trend of the stock market is essential, in the current characteristics of China's stock market strong administrative cases, the message of the importance of the short term no one to replace. Nevertheless, the quality of listed companies varies widely, that there are some, such as "Tsinghua Tong Fang," "Dongdaepai" and other blue chip stocks, but there is also some of the proceeds successive landslide, but still desperate to avoid being delisted waste stock. If an investor is committed to the long-term investments, learn the proper use of financial ratios are very important. Because the long term, long-term gains for investors, whether from the spread, or profit-sharing dividends, ultimately depends on the performance of the invested companies rose. Therefore, financial indicators for listed companies through the business situation is still important.

For listed companies, the most important financial indicators are earnings per share, net assets per share and return on equity. The three indicators used to judge the earnings of listed companies, securities markets has been of great concern to all parties involved. Security agencies regularly publish information in accordance with the three indicators of high and low ranking list of listed companies, and its importance. But the author suggests that the three indicators used to do some adjustments, especially in the choice of investment targets, in order to find a real investment value of listed companies. The following adjustments on why and how to adjust one by one.

First, adjustment reason: listed companies are manipulating the profit motive and behavior earnings per share of net assets and return on equity is a true reflection of the profitability of listed companies, the key is whether the existence of listed companies profit manipulation. To answer this question, we must study in which listed companies in China's accounting environment and economic environment in order to control the profit of listed companies demonstrate whether the motive.

(A), the issue of price-earnings ratio is limited to increase the issue price and control the profit of China's current and future period of time, the amount of new shares issued are "scarce resources." In this case, the listed company to take advantage of this opportunity to raise more money, only to maximize the issue price. Price-earnings ratio by issuing new shares issue price restrictions, generally no more than 15 times. Although there is no express provision, the issue of price-earnings ratio of 15 times higher than if the stock market generally difficult to obtain regulatory approval. In the issue of price-earnings ratio for the constant case, to raise the issue price per share in earnings per share only to make a fuss of this variable. Issued before 1996 earnings ratio calculation formula is: "Release earnings ratio = earnings per share issue price / annual forecast issue of new shares and earnings per share", then issue new shares before 1996, many companies will profit forecast overestimated, in which a small number of corporate earnings forecasts number much lower than the number actually completed. In response to these circumstances, the securities regulatory authorities on the issue of price-earnings ratio calculation formula was amended, revised formula is: "the issue price per share issuance price-earnings ratio = / issue of new shares before the three-year average earnings per share." So after the company issued new shares to make a fuss over the historical data. Some companies can not profit directly from stripping the assets of as much as possible in order to lower costs and operating income for the ratio to profitability. For medium and large enterprises, due to restrictions on the amount of new shares issued, only to strip assets from the existing assets into shares as a part of the sponsor shares the profitability of this part of the asset can only be based on historical data and the simulated computing the profits do not pay income tax, but the basis for the formulation of the issue price, the result of natural imagine.

(B), in order to obtain eligibility and allotment control the profit the majority of listed companies listed on the purpose can easily issue stock to the public to raise funds in China, Ltd. has tens of thousands, but only a few hundred Listed companies with shareholders to subscribe for new shares to the old way of raising capital. So many people think that if they lose the placement of shares eligible to be lost meaning of the listing.

However, China Securities Regulatory Commission for the Rights Offering has strict eligibility requirements: listed companies in the placements of the first three years, the annual return on equity to 10%, and three years without any illegal records. And return on equity of 10% or more, investors tend to believe that the listed company has development potential. So on the Rights Issue in the government's administrative intervention, a listed company on the allotment of funds its own development needs, and investors judge the value of a simple form of pressure on listed companies. In these three factors, the net return on equity of 10% of listed companies has become the primary goal of profit manipulation.

So we see a very interesting phenomenon: return on equity of 10% ~ 11% in the range of many listed companies, while return on equity of 9% to 10% in the range of almost no (energy, transport, infrastructure class return on equity of listed companies as long as three years can be allowed to keep more than 9% of allotment, which is an exception).

(C), in order to avoid three consecutive losses of the company stock was delisted and control the profit according to the "Stock Issuance and Trading Regulations" provides that a listed company if the losses for three consecutive years, its shares will be suspended in the Stock Exchange. Described before, the company achieved the amount and distribution market is very difficult for the company to be listed then delisted, not only for shareholders, is a great loss, and the company's listing status means the loss of a valuable scarce resources wasted. Listed companies often think that stock is being delisted the company's most severe punishment, and I would rather play some tricks on the accounting treatment to be certified public accountants reservations, is not willing to appear for three consecutive years of losses was sentenced to "death."

The above analysis shows that the existence of listed companies controlled by the profit motive, a listed company in the annual audit report was issued qualified audit report frequent incidents, even worse degree, such as "Joan the public source", "Red Industry" event, These have proven to the financial statements issued by listed companies when in use some more necessary adjustments.

Second, the adjustment of net assets

Adjustment of net assets should be adjusted items listed companies actually easy to control the profit through the Department. Adjusted net assets per share net asset can, return on net assets of the two financial indicators related to sexual decision-making greatly increased. How the net assets adjusted? Reference to December 17, 1997 China Securities Regulatory Commission promulgated the "public offering disclosure of corporate information content and format guidelines II " can be carried out on the net assets of the adjustment of the following four items. That is: more than three years accounts receivable, prepaid expenses, net loss of property pending the four projects and deferred assets. The following analysis of each project one by one, revealing it could be used to control the profit of the Department.

(A), more than three years of accounts receivable

Receivables include accounts receivable, notes receivable, prepayments and other receivables four projects, but notes receivable are generally short-term credit instruments, it was against the normally less than a year, so "three years above receivables "generally includes" more than three years accounts receivable, prepayments and other receivables "with three items.

From the perspective of international practice, in the developed market economy, of a company, there is more than three years of accounts receivable is an extremely abnormal phenomena, and even if there are already 100% provision for "bad debts", directly to the potential loss of all access to current profits and losses, so the book there is no negative impact on equity. In China, because of a large number of "triangular debts", as well as human use of related transactions through "accounts receivable" project to control the profit and so on. Therefore, "accounts receivable" in the share of total assets remained high, many companies even exist in large quantities for more than three years aging of accounts receivable. Furthermore, because of China's financial system over the past under the provision for bad debt ratio is too low, resulting in the financial statements of listed companies is widespread asset false, "hidden losses unpaid debts" phenomenon highlights. The nature of the asset is future economic benefits of economic resources, that is, assets can be alone or with corporate human resources and other assets combined, directly or indirectly, the net inflow of cash for the future to contribute. Clearly, more than three years of accounts receivable in the next period of time is difficult for enterprises to contribute to the net inflow of cash. To do business out of an asset to the user easily cause misunderstanding.

Prepaid and the nature of accounts receivable is the same, all businesses provide each other with a credit. Once the business side to accept the deterioration advances, lack of funds to support the normal operation, then the payment side of this cargo should be nowhere in sight. In some cases, payment in advance between related parties is a form of financial intermediation. Therefore, the advance payment as adjusted net assets of a project is a more robust approach.

Other accounts receivable refers to an enterprise project of the original purchase and sale activities of non-receivable claims, such as an enterprise of all kinds of compensation, guarantee deposits, reserve funds, and should receive all advances and other employees. But in reality, other receivables are not so simple. Such as: B in the annual audit report was issued by the reservations, the opinion said: "1995, 2 Furnace shutdown due to equipment failure costs incurred 8,194,625.06 yuan, historical legacy of engineering equipment overhaul expenses 6,282,661.75 yuan, to be included sharing costs and other receivables, excluding current profit or loss. "If the two charges recognized during the period, will make pre-tax profits thus reducing 14,477,286.81 yuan. Thus, other receivables recognized in the cost of this played a role in delayed, lost its original meaning.

(B), pending a net loss of property. Property pending a net loss of inventory property generally refers to the process of identifying a variety of materials, merchandise, overage and damage of fixed assets. Zhexiecaichan losses except Shaoliangkeyou fault responsible for the compensation, or by outside compensation Baoxiangongsi its Kou Chu Hou salvage value, the difference between the 渚?as "Pending Property Net Loss" of its Yiban treated as: through "operating expenses" or "administrative expenses "project into the profit and loss account, reduce the current pre-tax profit. Therefore, "the property pending a net loss of" economic substance into the income statement should be recorded as a reduction of this loss of profits or expense items, the enterprise can not bring future economic benefits. Moreover, the number of listed companies on the balance sheet shows the huge unpaid debts, "pending a net loss of property", or even unpaid debts for several years. This phenomenon obviously does not meet the revenue recognition principles of sound, is not conducive to investors to correctly evaluate the financial position and profitability.

(C), prepaid expenses and deferred assets. Prepaid expenses and deferred assets are not in fact a major difference, they are the current companies have expenses, but under the "accrual" to determine costs and benefits of the "matching principle" by the current and future periods, respectively the burden of the cost, in short is "waiting for amortization of costs", but "deferred expenses" within one year amortization period. The "deferred assets" are amortized over one year, so it could be called the "long-term prepaid expenses." From the strict sense, prepaid expenses and deferred assets do not meet the definition of assets, should be for them very difficult to estimate whether the expected future benefits or service potential, but they seems to be the future of economic interests with the linked and in accounting practice, many people have used and describe the costs that have occurred as an asset. Therefore, the cost is the asset point of view, combined income to determine when the "matching principle" requires, so that these projects can be deferred in order to "balance sheet" approach into the balance sheet.

In short, both the deferred project resources with the future economic benefits, but also the difficult to determine their expenditures with future economic benefits or losses, but to not consume the future economic benefits of the new appearance, and the amount is generally higher, and therefore matching principle can only be in accordance with the amortization period of its benefit. However, in some listed companies in the accounting treatment of prepaid expenses and amortization of deferred assets were very irregular, for listed companies to defer costs of the facilities identified. Such as: N in the annual audit report was issued by the reservations, the opinion said: "your company in the prepaid expenses, deferred assets and amortized using the two subjects is not sufficiently standardized, does not comply with the accounting system of the affected the operating results. "According to search: companies are issuing reservations to the fiscal year audit report, the profit amounted to 3.4682 million yuan, only 15% of the previous year, while the year-end balance of prepaid expenses, up to 23,568,740.85 yuan, up year-end balance of deferred assets 47,207,083.83 yuan, for a total year-end balance of total current assets of more than 15%. It seems that if the N company prepaid expenses and deferred assets and amortized using the two subjects specification point, then maybe there will be N loss in the year.

Cited above are only some examples of firms issued by the reservations, but that does not mean that an unqualified opinion was issued by a listed company on the no problem. Because they were issued by the reservations, only a small number of issues are exposed. So, if for sound investment, will be more than the net asset adjustments to be regarded as a few projects on the protection of investors. If a really good performance because the company, the number of projects accounted for the proportion of net assets will not be too large, the impact of natural existence is school but some companies profit manipulation to adjust the results are significantly different.

Third, the adjustment of the net

Profits of listed companies exist in the manipulation case, adjusted net income increased to some extent, net income per share, return on net assets of two financial indicators that the decision-making relevance. Some courses have introduced more than is used to postpone the confirmation fee, the following terms of net income from the income adjustment.

First, the author proposed to use the main business income instead of net income to recalculate, as earnings per share and net assets yield rate of the reference project. Main business income means the operating business license state of main business of the revenue. Sometimes, if the business license on the sideline marked bigger volume of business and revenue for the frequent occurrence, but also can be grouped into the main business income.

Generally speaking, a performance of striking or good business growth is often because their main business has succeeded due. An enterprise may be able to find extra funds to carry out a new growth point or polygonal business. But preferably also around its main operations, namely the development of a number of similar or similar with the main business sectors that these industries in the technical requirements, process requirements, personnel requirements and the main approximation. Alternatively, new business development to support the further development of the main industry. Such as: the acquisition of an electronic device TV companies factories; food companies buy a plant base. 39 Management Group is a successful example of polygonal, although its operating range of products are many, but still concentrated in medicine, biochemistry. The Giant Group, this is a high-tech companies, but be extremely careful about real estate, its failure is not accidental. Therefore, we interpret a financial statement, if part of an enterprise's profits come from many non-operating profits, such as: land lease rental and other operating income, or from the capital market speculation and so on. The long-term development of enterprises is not very clear correlation is difficult to identify their profits from such long-term investment value.

As for the business under the equity method or cost method of "investment income", will have to deal with specific circumstances. If this part of the investment income from an investment holding subsidiary's main business revenue, main business is also carried out can be incorporated into calculations, but investors often profits from Yu related party, which has been a listed company information disclosure in a black hole . Therefore, if the listed company's investment income in the larger share of total profit, then this should be worthy the attention of investors.

The significance of the main business of listed companies through the current situation shows the actual operation. Some researchers believe that China's stock market has actually appeared in five kinds of types of blue chip stocks, in addition to the traditional blue chip stocks outside the old, there are high-tech blue chip stocks (such as Dongfang Electronics, Tsinghua Tong Fang, ZTE, etc.); recombinant blue chip stocks (such as: country Kerry Holdings, Founder, etc.); access to resources with the dominant blue chip stocks (such as: Rare High-Tech, East E-Jiao, etc.) and newly listed blue chip stocks (such as: Zhongguancun, Tsinghua violet) is not difficult to find, these blue chip stocks have one thing in common between is the main industry are very clear, its main products and some can even be said to be known. As we all know, the stock market in 1998 is a "reorganization of assets", with many companies had assets restructuring, but according to "China Securities News", a survey shows that 98 years was the reorganization of enterprises, the performance was not the same, satisfactory performance of the reorganization is often experienced after the change of major shareholder, has greatly improved governance structure, some through the complete replacement, replacement of the scope of business, stripping off some bad assets as the main industry to adapt to the way to strengthen greatly increased. ......銆?Thus, the main business to a large extent determine the survival of an enterprise is the "Success Xiao He, Xiao He also defeated."

In addition, the listed real estate company or real estate owned subsidiary of listed company should pay attention to their income to determine ways to prevent early recognition of income to happen. Real estate development cycle often requires several years, recognized revenue in accordance with accounting theory, the real estate business in the pre-sale housing or after the contract signed by the progress to confirm sales and corresponding to the cost justified However, some enterprises have to determine the amount of the sales contract revenue for the year, which was issued qualified audit report.

After these adjustments, earnings per share, net assets per share, return on net assets of these three indicators, although it will sound as the adjustment of these in some respects reduce its relevance, it does not require all the listed companies are not required parties release adjusted data. But investors replace their used to evaluate the profitability of enterprises, their reliability will greatly improve the more compatible with some of our current stock market situation.



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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"China Computer Business 500" award, awarded the two winning BenQ chase the deer

IT industry as one of the most famous brand activities, computer operators Annual (CPW 500) activity has been successfully held five sessions, is the industry's most popular, with a high commercial value of the industry event. Every year, inviting all types of IT companies to participate in key senior management and marketing, the exchange of important business decision-making information, discuss the future development of IT industry trends, recognition of outstanding contributions to the industry's best IT companies.

"China's PC business in 2008 500" Award, BenQ chase the deer with its professional services and work with customers to experience success, to a model of comprehensive strength and advantages of the industry, has been unanimously approved users and experts, awarded the " 2008, 500 Chinese computer manufacturing business solution providers top ten "," 2008 Business 500, the Chinese computer program provider 200 "awards.

By providing customers with Chinese characteristics, and international standards of continuous service, BenQ compete in the market this brand has received wide recognition. BenQ compete in manufacturing information technology solutions to help enterprises solve content from cost control, capital chain to the human capital management issues, providing the overall enterprise information solutions. After nearly a decade of development, BenQ chase the deer have become a leading information technology systems, implementation and integration of integrated service providers in China have been successful for hundreds of companies providing information services.

BenQ chase the deer is a leading consultancy services, IT technology and business process outsourcing services. As a performance businesses, BenQ chase the deer with a wealth of industry experience, extensive resources and successful practice in the Chinese market, helping customers to optimize human capital and supply chain management, improve management performance, as organizational performance excellence.

BenQ compete in the award-winning, powerful confirmation of our area in the domestic IT and software industry's strength and leadership. BenQ will next compete in the professional and wisdom to the world to promote Chinese enterprises to help more businesses to success road. BenQ compete in the future will rise to more service model, will use the more comprehensive, in place, high-quality services to meet customers changing needs, business information services to build the leading brand of Chinese!

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JSF to pass parameters via URL

Had taken a fancy to JSF, because the Chinese and a number of benefits:

1, to obtain or display form data, you can use the same EL, JSF EL can only get can not be pre-set;

2, MyFaces realize there are many is the "flip" the components, such as drop-down menus, tree controls, date selection control, etc. is extremely easy to use.

Therefore, in a small project using the JSF development, with a discovered fact, this brings a lot of things are more trouble than before, the place, so they took a very common database operations - query, modify, insert, delete to illustrate the use of JSF to realize what trouble:

1) for inquiries. For the small amount of data, with a dataTable on everything buttoned up. However, relatively large amounts of data pages in trouble, because the paging dataTable is to take out all the data and then a page display, and a large amount of data usually need to see the next page to check which page. Web pages have a common stored procedure, as long as the number of parameters (page, sort, page size, etc.) to pass it, you can get a page of data. If the URL to pass parameters directly through the server under the parameter to call the stored procedure is a convenient things. But the JSF is not to pass parameters through the URL, and the page address in the process is more complicated, not intuitive as before. It was changed a bit dataModel way to achieve, to make it a time to take one of the data, the effect is achieved, but to jump to a page, but can only point link, can not enter the URL to get a (that is not to a page in the Add to Favorites).

Two days to do some tests, the JSF in or to pass parameters through the URL, in the Backing Bean in the getValue ValueBinding obtained by URL parameters, then according to parameters obtained from the database corresponding content, generate an object bean, and then displayed on the page. But this way, it seems almost Jiugen servlet.

If can be configured to set the form submission method or post method is get enough. However, all can now post, in addition to the consequences of such a collection can not be refreshed (if prompted to re-submit data), the will to disable the browser's back.

2) modification. In the datatable displayed in the data, you can add each line of a commanButton, in its action method called dataModel the getRowData () method to get the row data, the data stored in a request scope bean inside, and then turn to Another page can be edited through a form to display the contents of the bean, where you can modify, submitted. As the way forward is to use a turn, so the page url or data displayed of the page, as long as a refresh, the data show that on the back page and not the one that has; If you do not want to modify, click the browser back button, although the data displayed back to that page, but above commandButton has failed, for example, click the Modify button, nothing happens, have to refresh it a point to be effective again.

To solve this problem, I use a URL to pass parameters. ID specified by the URL to show what you want to modify the object, modify the page backing bean in the constructor to read the URL parameters to obtain the ID, then query the database by other elements of the object, and then displayed on the page . This can be refreshed, you can back.

3) Add. Can be added with the amendments to display the same page, but corresponding to different commandButton action method, such as "Edit" button corresponding to the update, "Add" button corresponds to create, in the two method were used in the database update statements and insert statements can be. The new time is not ID's, when it has been modified with ID.

4) Delete. Display data in the dataTable, each line can add a commandButton, in its action method, the reading of the line data, the ID after the execution of the DELETE SQL statement can be, relatively simple.

No matter what it does, can not do without three things: pages, configuration files, Backing Bean. What page is the presentation layer, is responsible for what page to link with the Backing Bean. Configuration file specifies the page to use Backing Bean's name, class, range of use, as well as navigation rules (Navigation Rules). Backing Bean is part of the program's logic. Even if the realization of the simplest functions, such as display a variable value, these three things are essential.

When the page changes, although not restart the server, but in the new session in order to see the results, the simplest way is to turn off the browser, open a new, view the results. Modify the configuration files and backing bean must restart the server. So JSF is very cumbersome to debug.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

"Dragon Century: The Origin of" Game of the background Qunari people

A giant landing

"History will darkspawn described as homely Thedas only the most serious threat, but the majority live outside the country in the dwarf who says that is more like a distant threat, the invasion can not be compared with qunari people. After all, since the hero Garahel Battle of the Ayesleigh after defeating Archdemon has four centuries there have been no Blight 銆?銆?the. But 100 years later, the steel era 6:30, when the far north coast of Par Vollen first qunari Fleet reported the arrival of a war in this new century began.

It is said that these giants of the golden skin is a continent from the east came through Boeric oceans, for most people, qunari are mysterious. Some people think that they are hateful invaders, they fight and destroy the deadly technical ability, almost the collapse of the civilized world. For others, they are pagan, worship a kind of commitment to use force to spread itself to the "minority" race of strange beliefs. Land in the south Ferelden people think they are a legend, is extremely rare after the beginning of peace from the far north of the strange biological.

In qunari have begun to attack Rivain and Seheron, and invasion of the mainland, Thedas other places have not even received their messages appear in the Par Vollen. Qunari people in front of the discipline and technology, these defenders overwhelmed. Our ancestors never seen such a battle, when the sound of artillery, the other party immediately routed. Soldiers dressed in shiny Gangjia the qunari defenders in overcoming all obstacles in any ride. History will call it the first time qunari war, but more like a one-sided massacre, the next less than a decade, qunari Tevinter continue to go deep into the hinterland.

Is on the Thedas It was a dark age, of all nationalities in the common enemies of mankind once again was forced to bring together ... ... This enemy is like darkspawn as its purpose is not to destroy, but eager to conquer a land and its enlighten enlightenment. qunari who proved to be one of the most terrible opponent: "religious fanatics."

2 golden master

"About qunari people how to manage their land occupied by the story of diverse and difficult to trace, in their language using 'kabethari' title to these lands, meaning should be 'those who need educated'.

Some say qunari evil to intimidate the civilian population of people. They separated children and their families, and the adults into the 'academic camp' to learn their religious philosophy. Refused to obey were forced into indentured servitude, or sent to mine site work with ... ... they often die of extreme fatigue and hunger. Dare to resist the cold immediately be put to death. However, many subject to the new owners claim that if they comply with strict codes of conduct qunari people and the law will be treated well, even given a great trust.

Spread under the tragic record of each story, are referred to a program called 'qun' missionary terms. This may be a philosophical or refer to written text, or both, and some people claim, it even resembles qunari the people of God. Ode to light the different people that it dominated the qunari all aspects of life, not only contains the earthly on, and also covers the spiritual, qunari asked the reason people do not strictly follow its teachings.

Those who have worked with these golden monster who left some record of them in these records is a strong biological, higher than the ordinary one, the terrible calm demeanor, his eyes were shining flame like light. Some even claim that they showed some of his good faith, or cruel lack of a clear, a change of faith Seheran people who do not like him that poor people, it seems that these conquerors of religion would give a person some kind of self-discovery. 'In my life to follow God 銆?銆?days, regardless of his way to point where I would not hesitate to follow,' he wrote, 'but faith in qun, I found a meaning to go my own way. As long as all my compatriots can understand qunari gave us what. '

Is said to completely wipe away the best weapon is not a nation but a book. Fortunately, a four times world beating Blight is not so easy to bow out the aggressor nation. Upstart is about to begin the march. "

3 favorites march

"Named after the march past of the noble, upstart march from the church at 7:25 crisis era was launched, this time north of the close fight Thedas have been carried out for nearly a century. In Minrathous (the only major city not occupied Tevinter) Imperial Church to Seheron his troops and regained the territory of the eastern empire, Val Royeaux providential Templar who ordered her to lead the South's military thrust into Rivain. It was the fourth Blight from the largest military mobilization after.

In fact, the church's most powerful military force against qunari from Dr. Ring. It seems from the qunari technology, they show resistance to any magic things with extreme hate being pregnant. They also have the Master, but only the animals than be locked in a little better ... ... when compared with the ring of the Master, Master of the capability is immune to any qunari hope its neck. In the artillery in front of the church to lightning and fireball fired back, and setback its potential.

qunari bring the troops were confined to the northern zone, their number is difficult to compete with humans. Year after year, gradually eroding the church's front qunari. In the process, how to deal with local people who have faith in the human population change is particularly difficult, especially a lot of people have qun flourished under the doctrine of several generations, many of the armed forces deal with this problem is simple to extinction. Church officials then rejected this practice, asking to withdraw convert the north Rivain and Par Vollen, out now Nocen Fields and Marnus Pell's Luanfen is another matter. Yes, many, many people in the Marnus Pell massacre, said that the Veil 銆?銆?there has been a permanent tear, until today the ruins are still full of the bodies shall rest in peace.

No matter the case, to the storm era 7:84 qunari and utterly defeated. Those who were free territories, Rivain is the only one still believe in religion, human land qunari its rulers try to exchange with the outside world peace. So most of the territory of the envoys of mankind together, was signed Llomerryn agreement, in addition to Tevinter empire, all human territories have peaceful relations with qunari concluded. Again, according to the Creator of the willing, both the human victory over the aggressor should be palm as Thedas master status.

But today, this peace remains fragile. "銆?銆?heaven-sent by (Divine): Heaven is a church organization who live in Val Rayeaux huge, magnificent cathedral of the leader. Church of Heaven who are women. The Tevinter Empire has its own heaven-sent by All of them are men, and has its own church - the Imperial Church.

銆?銆?Blight (dry tide): Church admonished the world, it is human arrogance to Darkspawn into our world. Shamans who coveted the power of heaven, but was eventually exiled, to be its own corruption distorted, eventually to form the monster return to this world - the first Darkspawn this shape. they are like a plague-like dwarves kingdom was invaded and occupied the caves and underground channels. When they found the residence of one of the ancient gods, the sleeping dragon, the ancient underground after the wake. Giant Long recovery and the embodiment of devil, leading Darkspawn such as locust terms of its extensive built on the general trend toward the surface, along the extinction of all creatures: namely dry tide. since the last dry tidal campaign has four centuries, but now, Darkspawn gather again from the force.

銆?銆?Creator (Maker): Church worship the Creator. Has hinted that he is a male, the establishment of the Church of the Female Prophets Andraste be considered to be his wife.

Church believe that God is omnipotent and created everything, and he often tired of these creatures. Church believe this is his creation of the defect caused. Until once again proved himself worthy of his human concern, he will not respond to any prayer, any prayer meeting or other such things.

It is said that a long time ago, God created the Fade 銆?銆? this is the first in the world he created. His first child was in the Spirit Fade 銆?銆? God believe that they act the way he created his own ideas. But God created the first children of this aversion, because they can arbitrarily change their world, they lack the soul, only know how to copy people without their own creativity and imagination. Not satisfied because he abandoned Fade, turn created Thedas.

To create the second new creatures in the world can not change its face blossoms. He Veil to the world isolation with the first, he did not realize that his first child to observe these new creatures, and they produced a strong jealous imagination.

New World of Children has built a heaven-sent Emmanuel, which so pleased the Creator. Their world is richer than the spirits, so these organisms can imagine and dream of new things.

The first offense for instance. Evil spirit in the Veil on the other side of the human whisper, they began to worship the old gods driven 銆?銆? Creator of mankind was the main abandoned, and left the Golden City 銆?銆? After a long, Andraste to try to persuade God to forgive him for these children, but Andraste by her husband, who circles Maferath betrayal, and finally burned to death. This is caused by the Creator of mankind once again abandoned the second offense.

Now God left the world. The Church teaches that, when the light of the carols sung in every corner of the world, God will eventually return, and the world into a paradise.

But until that day arrived, he would take care of those who follow Andraste teach believers. When they die, God will bring them to their side. Others will be forever wandering in Fade into, no longer be able to enter God's sight. This state is called the Church to "Oblivion".

銆?銆?Veil: A mortal world will be separated from the supernatural with the Fade boundaries. Whether spiritual or mortal, their bodies are difficult to cross the Road barriers, but the sense of mortal can easily travel in a dream.

Appeared when a large number of dead or powerful magic, where the Veil will be weakened, there is currently no known way to be repaired.

Veil is not an object; it can not be touched or seen. It is used to describe the mortal scholars in the interaction between two different realities as a metaphor.

銆?銆?Fade: Fade is Thedas been separated by a supernatural Veil area. Fade is the spirit of the place of residence, in order to make them comparable to their consciousness in the mortal dream to see the landscape, the spirit of the changing constantly Fade face. In accordance with the Church saying, Fade is the Creator created the first world, where living spirit is his first creation.

In addition to the dwarves, each species will travel in a dream Fade, but at this point the Master will display their magic trapped. Most people do not remember their time in the Fade in, however, be forced to their memories of the Master. Fade in the elimination of a human body they dream is a shock, but not fatal. The man just will wake up. Mortal entity has entered into Fade only once, which led to the first Blight. Master of the ring who are often lyium 銆?銆?help or their Harrowing 銆?0銆?The visit Fade.

Fade in an eternal existence, the black city. If you looked up, you can see the black city, but no one can know how to get there, it is forever floating in the distance.

Church believes that when a person dies, his soul would by Fade into the next reincarnation. Abandon the Creator destined to become forever lost in wandering souls in the Fade.

銆?銆?spirit (spirits): according to the church to say, Fade in the Spirit is the Creator of the first group of children. Because of their lack of soul, God abandoned them - because they can be arbitrarily changed according to their preferences Fade shape, but they lack imagination and creativity, and this is the imitation of the Creator. God created a new area and use Veil to the isolated and Fade, but this piece in the field can not be changed by the new kids. Since these new children have providential Emmanuel, God is satisfied. It is believed that when God created from his new child, Fade in the Spirit began a curious eye for the human, the more vicious spirit that, this vision also mixed with jealousy and desire.

Creator of the first child of the individual who viciously jealous of their hearts. They call mortal, so that they sleep through the Veil of the barrier sense, snooping in their dreams to build the land of their Creator. They covet their inner aura, they can not understand it. They Fade molded into them to see the appearance of human consciousness and reason behind not investigate the case of trying to remove that aura.

A soul can not understand a stationary can not change the world. They can not understand living in a flesh and blood of what it means. Some spirits through the Veil because they desire something that they never got.

"Demon" (Demon) is Fade in a destructive spirit's name. They can take mortal soul in a dream, and ordinary people into hate (Abominations). They can also take animals, dead bodies, and can skillfully use or to give rock and armor to life.

However, not all the same like the evil spirits, and some spiritual good intentions. These spirits cherish mercy, justice and determination of sex. The difference is that with the devil, the spirit of goodwill do not want to get out Fade, and their good intentions does not mean that they will help the mortal world in their own way. But if someone calls them, such as spiritual medicine, they still will try to help.

銆?銆?Old God (Old Gods): Thousands of years ago, the old gods of Thedas by many people, especially the Imperial Master who worship. Master form of dragon worship them. Legend is a God to teach them how to use the old magic.

The Church teaches believers, the old God is true, the city's fall in gold and darkspawn appearance, the Creator of human sin to deceive their imprisonment. Archdemon are believed to be the old gods sleeping darkspawn corrosion.

Now there are temples to worship gods of these old, no one may see. God said to the old Fade in on the people to speak, is that they teach the human magic, and created a dreamer; that those who become a Magister 銆?1銆?people. The temple is considered the first Blight in the demolition, but said that the old gods still exist in some parts of believers.

God said to the old Seven. The first, and that their leader, known as Dumat, Silent Dragon. By scholars said, he was the first to be Archdemon the old gods, and in the first Blight was defeated.

銆?銆?Golden City (Goden City): In accordance with the Church saying, Gold City was built by the Creator, for the reception of dead mortals. This paradise in the world is empire mage destroyed, because they still have a life time came to make it into a black city, the Master will change as the first darspawn.

Now, for the dead is no paradise host them there. Those who worship God will be gathered at his side, others will drift in interest-free to Oblivion. This is not a punishment but an inevitable result of human depravity. Church believes that once the light of the carol singing in the four corners of the world, God will return and rebuild this city and all sectors into the Promised Land.

銆?銆?Lyrium: Lyrium is a rare and dangerous mineral. In the natural state, this mineral can cause human or wizard serious injury to the mental disorder from a variety of injuries, it also make the Master died. Only dwarves know how to deal with this ore, and reduce the risk of making it more available. And ore generation close to give the dwarves a natural resistance to its effects (non-immune). Over time, more than living in the ground dwarf has lost this resistance. Processed ore used for any person, but a long exposure or a test between the improper operation can lead to serious side effects, such strong emotional fluctuations or complete loss of reason.

Dwarves and tranquil 銆?2銆?The processed lyrium enchant on an item. Master of the ring to use it, people in a sober state, from the spiritual dimension into the Fade. Through proper preparation, the Master can also save it magic (mana).

銆?0銆?Harrowing: Harrowing of the Master of the ring held secret religious initiation ceremony, I do not know in advance will be the case, participation by the adult apprentice mage. In order to determine the value of a Master, and his body left in the Master Tower, conscious to the Fade and the temptation to resist the devil. Fade in with the devil in the fight, the Master will not get the extra capacity. But it can be Master of the rings and the church to prove that the mage ability to resist on the evil Master attractive.

If the Master fails this test, they will bear a physical change in their Templar guard was killed. If the Master of the Ring Master will be worried about a Harrowing defeat, he will be tranquility (Tranquil).

銆?1銆?Magister: magister is a few hundred years ago, the magic rule Tevinter empire of the members of the polity. The Church teaches that a group of entities in the form of Magister Zeng Yi Fade and Creator of gold into the city. The results were corrupt city of gold, and led to the formation of darkspawn.

銆?2銆?Tranquil: serene (Tranquil) ceremony (use a brand of magic produced by the lyrium) will sever a link between the Master and Fade - they never dream. A side effect is central to their feelings was completely removed. One above, or a result of the interaction between the devil never take them without fat. Was not warm the hearts of calm. They saved his life, was directly asked if they would be willing to recognize, survive as an aloof and provide help to the existence, than to have another fork in the road on the road much better.

If you find a Master Master of the ring is too weak, unable to take in the face of the threat of evil to survive, then give them peace is actually a charity. A lot of experienced Master of this ceremony, itself had never shown the desire to become a Master, who once became a member of a quiet, they have been relieved to face mortal danger.

A quiet ceremony for the items using lyrium enchant, which provides for the Master of the ring main sources of funding. They do not have the natural resistance of the lyrium, but their concentration is far higher than the average person, when it also in the use of fewer mistakes.


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Monday, July 12, 2010

Ministry of Finance denied the procurement of the Green Dam said the Ministry of Industry is the onl

June 24, prominent lawyers Liu originally published in his blog software, the Ministry of Finance on the question of response to the Green Dam.

Ministry of Finance in response to the original Liu said, "Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is a" Green Dam - Youth Escort "filtering software is the only purchaser, our department is not involved in the project specific procurement activities, you apply for access to government information not within the scope of authority of the master, according to "The People's Republic of China on Open Government Information" provisions of Article 1, to be informed.


It is noteworthy that after the letter in the working men made a "pre-installed on the computer, notice the green Internet filtering software," the notice said that the Ministry of Industry and Information said in the notice: In order to build green, healthy and harmonious online environment, to avoid the Internet the impact of adverse information on young people and poison, the Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Central Civilization Office, the Ministry of Finance in accordance with the "Government Procurement Act" requirements, use of the central finance the buyout, "Green Dam - Youth Escort" Internet filtering software products for a green years of tenure and related services for the whole community free of charge.

This degree of response to the Ministry of Finance show that the software is not purchasing the Green Dam three ministries, but of the Ministry of Industry and exclusive purchase.

It is learned that after the Green Dam had a number of media software transparency in government procurement open to question.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

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